Jeffrey R. Houser, P.E.


Jeffrey R. Houser, P.E. founded Houser Engineering, LLC in 2009 to continue an engineering career that has been dedicated to providing cost effective, innovative, and sound project solutions.  The son of a third generation builder/developer, Mr. Houser has been involved in the construction industry his entire life which allows for projects to be viewed from a different perspective than a typical engineering mindset.  Mr. Houser is a professional engineer registered in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania and has over 10+ years of experience in the land development and wastewater engineering and consulting profession.

Mr. Houser resides in North Jersey with his wife Corinne and two sons, Tyler and Trent.


After earning his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) Mr. Houser began his career at a multi-discipline civil engineering firm specializing in wastewater treatment and disposal. Valuable experience was gained in a wide range of residential and commercial projects.  Projects included, but were not limited to septic systems, site plans, storm water management facilities, pump stations, and commercial wastewater treatment plants.  He was promoted to Project Manager where he gained valuable management experience and was responsible for the design, permitting, and certification of hundreds of residential septic systems. In addition to his residential project management responsibilities, he worked on some of the first wastewater treatment plants that were approved in New Jersey for reuse of treated effluent.  These uses included toilet flush water, fire suppression, and manufacturing of ice at a skating facility.

Mr. Houser then accepted a position at a regional environmental and geotechnical firm with a strong commercial client base where he headed up the wastewater program.  With a focus on serving clients that included, but were not limited to the likes of Best Friends Pet Care, Burger King, Costco, Commerce Bank, CVS Pharmacy, McDonalds, Quick Chek, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and Wawa he became an industry leader in designing and permitting treatment systems with design flows in the 2,000 gallon per day (gpd) to 25,000 gpd in the state of New Jersey.

In addition, Mr. Houser has successfully provided expert testimony in front of numerous municipal boards for a variety of project applications.  Mr. Houser’s extensive wastewater design and permitting experience has led to guest lecturer invitations by the likes of Rutgers University, the NJDEP, the New Jersey Environmental Health Association, and multiple vendor trade shows to give presentations on topics such as wastewater characterization, addressing high strength waste, alternative septic technologies, and the applicability of various regulations associated with on-site wastewater treatment and disposal.

Employment History

Gerald Gardner Associates, Inc. – Ringwood, NJ

Project Engineer –  2002 to December 2004 – conducted subsurface investigations, performed laboratory permeability and sieve analyses, inspected existing septic systems, performed construction inspections on newly installed systems, and  prepared residential septic system designs.

Project ManagerJanuary 2005 to March 2007 – directed subsurface investigations and prepared +300 residential and commercial septic system designs. Participated in design of site plans, subdivisions, storm water management facilities, sewer force mains, and wastewater treatment plants.

Whitestone Associates, Inc. – Warren, NJ

Wastewater Management EngineerApril 2007 to August 2008 – conducted site evaluations, system inspections, and prepared designs for local and state regulated commercial septic systems, pump stations, and treatment facilities with design flows from 500 to 70,0000 gpd.

Professional Engineering ManagerSeptember 2008 to April 2010 – Engineer of record for site evaluations, wastewater characterization studies,  and design of local and state regulated commercial on-site treatment and disposal system incorporating technologies such as extended aeration, SBR, and trickling filters.

Houser Engineering, LLC – Ringwood, NJ

President/Principal – May 2009 to Present –Manages overall corporate activity including fiscal and professional responsibilities, project management, technical review, business development, regulatory interaction, contract negotiation, and client interface.